09 Feb The Brick House at Lamar Station

Brick House DENVER, COLORADO Located steps from the Lamar Station stop (W Line) in the Two Creeks neighborhood of Lakewood, Colorado, Riverpoint and its investment partners are currently in pre-development on a ground-up four story multifamily building at the corner of W. 13th Avenue and Lamar Street. The high-end, multifamily development will include secure parking, and numerous community amenities. Upon completion the project will be one of the most iconic buildings in the area, while still contextually fitting into the former industrial and artistic neighborhoods.   ADDRESS: 2700 Decatur Street, Denver, CO EXPECTED COMPLETION: Fall 2021  ...

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27 May Colewood

Riverpoint Partners recognized that Denver’s popular Berkeley neighborhood holds great potential for both residents and investors....

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07 Oct Decatur Point

Decatur Point is located on the “crest” of the Jefferson Park neighborhood, and provides unparalleled views of Downtown Denver to the east, and the Rocky Mountains to the West. ...

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